Congratulations! Your building approval has arrived!

At this stage we will start ordering all the required components and schedule trades to commence construction.  The first step is site cut where the house pad is excavated and levelled in preparation for building to commence on your lovely new OMNI Built Home.

Project Management

Your Building Supervisor will manage the project and be available if you have any questions.  No query is too small so please always ask if you are unsure of something. Being proactive and knowing what is happening, helps you and your supervisor stay on the same page during construction. It also avoids miscommunications and leads to a great building experience.

hampton style house internal
collage of house styling options

Building Your New Home

Watching your new home come together is such an exciting time.  We aim to be there for you every step of the way. We want you to enjoy the experience, so you will want to tell others about us!

Compliance Inspections

Throughout the build process we will arrange for all required compliance inspections at Slab, Frame and Final Stages. We also conduct our own internal quality inspections at Slab, Frame, Fix and Practical Completion, as well as regular onsite inspections to ensure work is being completed to the OMNI high-quality trade standard. All our homes are built to impress from top to bottom.

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