Quick & Smooth Tender & Contract Process

Once we have agreed upon your design needs and the quotation has been accepted, the OMNI team will set about creating your working drawings, tender document and building contract.  As the majority of pricing will have been addressed in the collaboration stage, the tender and contract process runs smoothly and quickly.

Streamlined Contract Appointments

Contract appointments can be daunting. Rest assured your contract presenter will be mindful of any concerns you may have and is there to assist you every step of the way.  The appointment is not meant to be a hard slog. Once again, we have streamlined this process and scaled it back as much as possible so that when you come in for your appointment, there are no big surprises.  You will already have a solid idea of your final contract price from the initial quote provided.

Post Contract Variation

If you have any further changes this is the time we determine adjustments to your drawings and capture any further quoting necessary.  The contract can be signed on the day and if there are changes to pricing we can prepare a post-contract variation document which allows the process to keep moving for you.

display living room
collage of house design options

Colour & Electrical Appointments

Within the fortnight following your contract appointment we will organise your colour and electrical appointments.  Working with our stylist, you will first complete your main tile selections.  Breaking up the colour appointment and completing the tile selection first makes it so much easier to finalise the remaining colour selections for your new home.

Sign Off, Approvals & Deposit

The final step in the create process is to sign off on your building contract and finalise any drawing changes, obtain finance approvals and pay your 5% deposit.  We then lodge to Council for Building Approval (BA), which generally takes 4 weeks.

Selection Appointment

The selections appointment, (where you can pick extra features and details) is meant to be a fun process. Your stylist will guide and advise you all the way so that once again you are completely confident about the choices you have made. Upon completion of your selections, we will then apply any additional upgraded pricing and prepare a post-contract variation for your review and approval.

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