Key Features of Hamptons Inspired Homes

Hamptons inspired homes are growing in popularity as homeowners seek to capture the effortless stylings of coastal Hamptons chic. The Hamptons is a popular US holiday spot made up of towns, villages, and hamlets on the eastern end of Long Island. The region is most famous for being a beachside getaway for the rich and famous of New York, and in terms of Hamptons inspired architecture, the area’s homes are coveted for their enduring style and hallmark features. For a Hamptons style home built brand new in Brisbane and beyond, contact Omni. We would love to discuss bringing Hampton style living to life for you and your family. This blog explores some of the key features of Hampton inspired homes and explores how you can capture beachside Hamptons chic for yourself.

Take a look at some Hampton inspired homes we have built for other happy Omni customers, and then speak to our team about your Hamptons style home design ideas today.

Hamptons style living

Homes in the Hamptons are crafted to withstand salt spray, weather, storms, and baking summer heat. As a result, many of the hallmark Hamptons style homes are crafted using natural materials such as timber and stone. Hamptons inspired homes in Australia will have key features to give them that Hamptons look, including:


While weatherboards are common on Queensland homes, you’ll find weatherboards on Hamptons inspired homes as well. These long planks –once made of timber– are the perfect material to protect Hamptons homes from harsh winds and salt air, and while timber is still used on some homes, today’s Hamptons inspired builds most often use other materials such as cladding and fibre cement. The end result is just as visually stunning, with man-made  weatherboards being both durable and environmentally friendly.

Mouldings and finishes

Timber moulding is a feature of Hamptons style living and is an ornamental feature offering definition and character to your home. These mouldings are often painted a stark, crisp white and highlight your windows to add a sophisticated finish.

Wide staircase

No Hamptons inspired home would be complete without a sweeping staircase. Omni Built Homes specialise in stunning Hamptons style living, and your staircase is a key element of your home. Crafted from timber and offering a showcase element to your home, the staircase is a critical part of capturing that Hamptons feel.

A stunning Hamptons kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most critical rooms in the Hamptons home; it’s a space to relax, to connect with family and friends, and where nourishment is sought. Your Hamptons style kitchen has feature splash-

back tiles, shaker cabinetry (with contrasting matt black handles of course!), and a large island bench for gathering, cooking, and entertaining.

Hamptons inspired design for the spaces in your home

While the kitchen is critical for its Hamptons hallmark design, what about the living spaces and bathrooms? Each of these spaces has a range of features that really bring home the Hamptons style.

Features of a Hamptons living room

A Hamptons style living room has a range of key features that will evoke the relaxed seaside feel of a Hamptons vacation. Given that the Hamptons lounge room is a spot for entertaining, relaxing, and spending time with family you’re going to want to focus on comfort, style, and livability. Key features of your Hamptons style lounge room include:

  • Pendant lights, hanging lights, or sconce lighting to evoke a Hamptons feel.
  • Natural stone or timber features surrounding a fireplace, with these natual textures creating peace and calm.
  • Plenty of natural light through large windows to let sunlight come streaming through.

A Hamptons living room is a major showpiece of your home, and when you work with Omni Built Homes you can pick and choose the key features of your Hamptons living room to suit your family and style.

Features of a Hamptons bathroom

Walk from your Hamptons style lounge room up your sweeping staircase and into one of your grand en suite bathrooms to get ready for a night out, or freshen up for dinner. Your Hamptons bathroom has:

  • Plenty of natural light, wide mirrors, glass, and white tiles with timber features to anchor the space in beachside chic.
  • Natural fibres, indoor plants, chic ornaments, and choose muted blue and white for paints and finishes.

Speak to our Omni Hamptons designers about choosing harmonious paints and colours to keep with traditional design, or find out about doing something a little different with your home – after all, the choice is all yours!

Hamptons Inspired Homes

We specialise in designing and building homes that our clients love. Our properties stand the test of time thanks to the quality of our work and our attention to detail from start to finish. Speak to the Omni Built Homes team today to find out more about our range of stunning Hamptons inspired homes. We have been trusted by numerous happy clients, and now we would love to craft your dream home with you. Omni have a range of options to suit every buyer and budget, and can discuss your options over the phone or in person.

Call us today to find out more on 07 3390 4214 or contact us online to find out about Hamptons style home design with Omni Built Homes.

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