Single Storey Hamptons Style House

Ever wanted to live at the beach? Hamptons style homes will bring the coastal lifestyle right to you. OMNI Built Homes have a range of stunningly elegant single storey Hamptons style homes to choose from that will give you this, and more.


We can’t blame you! The Hamptons inspired home is well aligned with characteristics of the traditional Queenslander. Why not talk to OMNI Built Homes to help you add a touch of the Hamptons to your single storey home, with just a twist of that Queenslander charm?

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Upscale, Relaxed Beachside Comfort

Hampton inspired homes began to appear in Australia over 200 years ago, bordering the crisp blue beachside waters. Originating from The Hamptons in Long Island, New York, today Australian Hampton style homes define a new, modern and luxury lifestyle loved and lived in by many. Both single storey and double storey homes have found popularity with Aussies (and in particular, Queenslanders), with the Hamptons facade instantly recognisable on any street. These houses were designed for the bright and breezy coastal lifestyle, making them a perfect match with the natural beaches of Australia – particularly Queensland.

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What Makes a Single Storey Home a Hamptons Style House?

Hamptons style houses can turn your large block of land into a welcoming home that’s sure to impress.

A single storey hamptons style house features spacious rooms and open features. From the living room to the bathroom, each room is spacious — making it perfect as a family home, or simply an entertaining space.

A Hamptons house starts as a blank slate. Think high ceilings, neutral or ice grey walls and white timber flooring all spread over one storey throughout an open floor plan. With so much space, there’s plenty of room for personalisation with furniture, artworks and more! 

Each room is refined with the addition of thoughtfully intentional features; dado rails, splashbacks and black accents to contrast the white, cool and light blue tones. Whether you add a wide yard or a pool, the exterior spaces are designed for the outdoor lifestyle Queenslanders love to live.

With this unique architectural style of house, it’s easy to imagine your new Hamptons lifestyle.

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Key Design Elements of a Hamptons Style House

What sets the premium design of a traditional Hamptons home apart from other Queensland homes? 

Each room of a Hamptons style house evokes the feeling of relaxing by the sea.

Hamptons Style Kitchen

Just as staircases and balconies could be described as the show pieces in a double storey Hamptons home, in a Hampton style single storey home, the kitchen becomes the centerpiece. Hamptons style kitchens balance functionality with the relaxed coastal aesthetic, to create a communal area to share meals, conversations and memories. Large wood or marble stone benchtops play a central part of a Hamptons kitchen. This island, along with a muted grey or white splash back also encourages the reflection of the natural light in the room, to create a wide and open feel. Large, white cabinets and shelving spaces characterise this architectural style, with the abundance of storage playing an important role in keeping a clean space. These light coloured bases contrast against the subtle and stronger accents including panel detailing on cabinetry and black handles. Shaker profile cabinetry is also a popular feature of Hamptons style kitchens, offering a high-quality and timeless appeal.

Hamptons Style Living Room

House layout is so important in a Hamptons style house, which values wide and open spaces to be shared by many. Due to these open plans, a Hamptons style kitchen is often directly connected to, or in sight of the living room, creating the perfect place to entertain your guests. If you prefer more sectioned areas, a mix of light and dark timber floorings can help to divide the rooms without using harsh walls to close up spaces. When furnishing a Hamptons style living room, you can achieve striking and classy styling results by adding dramatic grey, white or nautical blue striped cushions, solid coloured ottomans, oversized lamps, seascapes wall art, nautical pendant lights and subdued window furnishings.

Hamptons Style Bedrooms

There's no better way to wake up calm and well-rested than in a Hamptons style bedroom. With natural lighting entering the room through large windows and filtering through soft furnishings such as sheer curtains and shutters, it's just like waking up on a sunny beach. Hints of light blues and bolder navy colours on white or neutral cushions and bedding can evoke beach side imagery, whilst nautical themed or coastal images and artworks can add more colour to the room. With mornings like this, you’ll never wake up on the wrong side of bed.

Hamptons Style Bathroom

Hamptons style homes definitely don't neglect the bathroom. From the white to neutral base colours, subtle dashes of accent colours and the clean, smooth finished surfaces — the room is built consistent to the rest of the house, adding a subtle luxury and elegance to one of the most used rooms in a home. Bathrooms in Hamptons homes often see the addition of more visually textured materials on surfaces such as marble stone, subway tiles, and other ornate tiles across the walls and flooring. Dimension is created in the room through contrasting floor and wall colours. Again , contrast is also seen in the accent metal used for tapware. Commonly selected finishes include chrome, nickel or matte black — which are matched to the handles of storage shelves. Hamptons style bathrooms, like all other rooms, make the ordinary extraordinary.

Hamptons Style Outdoor Spaces

The Hamptons style home is instantly recognisable by the "Hamptons facade" — high pitched roofs, weatherboard look cladding on the external walls — all in line with the white, grey and blue colour scheme. Hamptons style homes with these façades showcase to the street the casual, beach style living that so many of us are all about. Large windows open the interior up to the natural light, adding to the beach vibe from the outside. With signature wide front lawns and small framing shrubs to suit, the well-maintained healthy green is the dream entry to a dream home. From the outside of the house, to the front and back yards, Hamptons homeowners make full use of their outdoor space. Without the upper balcony of a double storey home, a single storey home opens up directly to the back yard, making it an integral part of living. Landscaping to create large entertaining lawns and swimming pools creates a lifestyle of barbecue nights, swimming parties and more, with plenty to be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Double vs Single Storey Hampton Homes

If you’re considering a Hamptons style house, you may be wondering whether to go for a double storey or single storey Hamptons style house, what the differences are, and more importantly, what this would look like. 

Both options encompass the coastal elegance and open spaces that make this style of home so popular in Australia. But there are some differences. 

The Differences Between Single Storey vs Double storey 

Aside from the obvious; that a double storey home has two levels, there are some key differences. 

  • Single storey homes look larger and more spread out from the outside, and are very spacious inside. 
  • Double storey homes have a more stacked layout, where single storey homes are more open and spread out.
  • Single storey homes offer easier freedom of movement from room to room, being laid out spaciously on one level instead of over two levels.
Modern double storey home facade

The Benefits of Choosing a Single Storey Hampton Home

Whether or not a single storey Hampton home or a double storey home is right for you comes down to many factors, ranging from style and layout preference to the logistical side of things. 


Here are just some of the top benefits of opting for a single storey Hampton home.

With single storey homes, you have the option of timber look tile flooring throughout (something that can be heavy on the first floor of a two-storey home). 

Single storey Hampton homes are also usually more affordable than their double storey counterparts. All the while keeping the same air of elegance and luxury; allowing more of your build budget to go towards luxe furnishings and home upgrades.

The build is also more straightforward, and faster for a single storey home — so you can get moved in sooner.

And of course, there’s the logistical benefits of single storey homes; with no travel up and down stairs, no need to bring furniture, cleaning equipment and other items across 2 levels, and easier access and mobility for all of the guests to your home.

There are so many possibilities for the design of your dream home, whether you opt for a single storey or double story home. At OMNI Built Homes, our 25 years of experience (and counting) has seen us build many dream homes of both varieties; so we are no strangers to the benefits of each, and the different possibilities that each provides. If you’d like to know more about the differences of single storey vs double storey Hampton homes, and their benefits, book an appointment to talk to one of our friendly team and we’ll be happy to talk you through the world of possibilities to find which style of home is the best for your preferences. 

Design Considerations for Single Storey Hampton Homes

Here are some design elements you may like to consider for your Single Storey Hampton Home. You can also view our single home designs for inspiration, and a clearer picture of how picture perfect your Single Storey Hampton home could look.

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Lighting and Natural Light

Plenty of lighting is a key feature of Hamptons style living, with a combination of as much natural light as possible and light fittings creating a light and sunny effect. Think decorative feature lights, and plenty of big windows to keep a continuity of light throughout.

You can even opt for floor to ceiling windows or glass panel sliding or bifold doors; which is easier to clean within one storey homes.

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White and Light

To add to the light effect throughout the home, single storey Hampton Homes also usually feature white paint that reflects the light from the light fittings and natural windows. For flooring, there are many options, but a lighter coloured floor creates a coastal vibe that many love. Bringing in lighter colours in your cabinetry, fittings and other features, or neutral colours, can have the same effect.

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Luxurious Furnishings

A Hamptons style home is one of luxurious elegance and wide open spaces to be enjoyed; so it’s important to deck it out with elegance and luxury. Think comfortable yet stylish, luxurious, and elegant across all of your furnishings and accessories. As single storey Hampton homes are more affordable than their double storey counterparts, you’ll have more in your budget to do so.

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Flexible Designs and Custom Built Options

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