Why Knock down and Rebuild?

Love your location but not your existing home? Have you found the ideal block of land, but the house isn’t up to scratch? Here’s why knock down and rebuild could be the perfect option for you.

For many people, rebuilding a home is a popular option. If your current home isn’t your dream home but the idea of relocating doesn’t appeal to you then maybe it’s time to consider the knock down rebuild process to get the home you want, on the existing block of land you have. Best of all you might even save on stamp duty!

Learn more about why knock down and rebuild houses continue to excite our OMNI customers and speak to our team about your knockdown and rebuild ideas and get started today!

Why knock down and rebuild?

Although it can be great to renovate to retain the key features of the home you love, knocking down your home and rebuilding offers you a fresh start and can often be more cost-effective than renovating. If you are looking to find out more about the knocking down house and rebuilding process you are in the right place.

We’ve delved into some of the key questions that people ask when it comes to rebuilding a home and came up with some handy tips and information to help you out.

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Benefits of knocking down house and rebuilding

Some of the key benefits include:

  • You get a brand-new home, and you can enjoy a new beginning on familiar ground.
  • If you love your location, you won’t have to change your address for everything. Plus, if you have kids, you do not have to worry about changing schools and them making new friends.
  • Knocking down and rebuilding tends to be cheaper than a complete renovation.
  • You can select from our quality designs which help you to save on architecture and design costs.
  • The building process can be faster than a renovation and less invasive seeing as the build does not happen while you are still living in the home.
  • You get the ultimate choice about style, colour, position, size, aesthetic and fixture and fittings – and can choose everything from the ground up.
  • You can upgrade to sustainable and energy efficient designs without the cost.
  • Save on stamp duty and real estate agent fees.
  • It could be a great way to create a secure investment by knocking down and subdividing your property to create an investment property.
  • You have full control and you do not have to include or accommodate previous design features that may or may not have worked for you.

Features of knocking down house and rebuilding

With OMNI, our knock down and rebuild process involves:

  • A personalised consultation with our expert team to ensure a design that suits you, and your block A sound demolition quote with your OMNI expert
  • Obtaining the required Council Demolition Approval
  • Guaranteed build times and peace of mind
  • Premium standard inclusions for your new home
  • Capping off and decommissioning of services (Water, Gas, Electricity, Sewer) prior to demolition
  • Unrivalled guarantees and support
  • And much more!
Rutherford 32 house before and after | OMNI Built Homes | Feature Image Why Knock down and Rebuild?

If you’re still not sure and have more questions about rebuilding a home, get in touch with our expert team today!

We specialise in designing and building homes that our clients love. Our properties stand the test of time thanks to the quality of our work and our attention to detail from start to finish. Speak to the OMNI Built Homes team today to find out more about our knockdown and rebuild process. With a range of options to suit every buyer and budget and trusted by homeowners, we would love to craft your dream home with you today.

Call our Brisbane home builders to find out more on 07 3390 4214 or contact us online to find out more about our knock down rebuild or renovations with OMNI Built Homes to create the home of your dreams.

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