Six modern house facade ideas to elevate your home

Ascot 22 Kirra modern house facade

We all have a favourite street we love to visit.

Maybe it’s lined with beautiful Jacaranda trees in a dream location, or perhaps it’s an indescribable feeling you get as you meander down the road.

Without a doubt, there will also be one house that makes you slow down a little as you drive past.

But what is it that draws you back to this street to have a sneaky peek at the homes?

The answer is often the home facade – an element that you never want to overlook in the building process.

A beautifully designed house facade can elevate street appeal, and add value and hint to passersby what may lie inside.

Fortunately, good street appeal and an alluring house facade doesn’t have to be a thing of dreams.

You can have a home that causes others to slow down and leave you with a smile on your face every time you pull into the driveway.

However getting started can feel like an impossible task, as you balance what may feel like endless decisions in the building process.

Thankfully, we’ve done some of the hard work for you and put together six modern house facade ideas for you to draw inspiration from.

So, where to start on your own house facade ideas?

There are so many elements to consider.

Do you blend in with the style of the street, or let your home stand bold and in a league of its own?

Not to mention colours, finishes, materials, how much garden to include in the design, the list goes on.

Luckily, OMNI Built Homes is here to help.

As you pick your bespoke fittings, colours and design layout for your home they can also guide you through and provide tips to create the ultimate house facade style that works perfectly for your dream home.

So let’s get those cogs moving and take a look at our design inspiration that will move you one step closer to that blissful street-front feeling.

Modern white kitchen dining area with island and plants

Salisbury modern white kitchen with island

Light and bright

It’s important to consider what you value in your home’s aesthetic when you pull into your driveway.

Light and bright styles can offer instant relaxation from first sight.

If you’re designing an open-plan home full of natural light, choosing a white or neutral facade can flow this design seamlessly from the footpath to the backyard.

It can get pretty hot and sticky here in Australia, but your house facade can also be the first port of call for tackling those blistering summer nights.

Choosing a light colour for your bricks or render can help to reduce the overall heat and the cost of cooling your home.

It’s also a good idea to consider how you want your home illuminated at night.

Consider adding feature lights around the doorway or garage. Lights easily transform the look of your home at night and add extra security for peace of mind.

No matter what home design you choose, we have a facade that can fit in this category, two facade designs that leave a fresh impression include Haven seen on the Waverley 24 and Kirra on Ascot 26.

Hamptons Haven

You can almost hear your body relaxing with a Hamptons facade design.

Whether you are building in a coastal area and want your dream home to match your surroundings or you want to bring a decorative edge to your neighbourhood, you can’t go past the Hamptons.

The Hamptons style originated 200 years ago and originally started as small beach shacks.

As time progressed, the style has evolved, but the interior design still includes open spaces and neutral colours.

Other features could include cultured stone, wood finishes and gardens that complement the property.

Hampton facades often include weatherboards in light colours, from a more natural material to paint colours including pale blue.

Classic warm and welcoming verandas and strong borders with crisp white paint are often features of this traditional style.

You can even choose an exterior design that includes port-style windows or mouldings to elevate the look of your facade.

Over time the Hamptons style has become synonymous with celebrity mansions.

Drawn to these modern house styles, when built in an estate it creates a moment of awe as you gaze at the property.

But you don’t need to own in an estate to take part in this facade design.

Regardless of if you’re building on a 10-metre or 20-metre wide block, a Hamptons facade creates modern tranquillity for all.

You can see the full range of home designs that include Hampton facade designs here, but two of our favourites are Amity or St Helena.

Ascot 22 Amity modern house facade

ST HELENA modern house facade

Strong lines

Perhaps a soft exterior is not something you are chasing?

If you are drawn to homes that make a statement and are the only house on the street daring to do something different, consider playing with the lines of your facade.

Think angled or a flat roof, straight lines, architectural design and the use of strong shapes like squares or rectangle cubes to frame your home.

The Pinnacle or Cove are some facade designs on the Granada 36 home which demonstrate how this strong but elegant style can elevate your house design.

Using the squares to highlight different areas of the home, such as around the balcony or surrounding the front lounge room, not only gives a striking street presence but also illuminates the features and grandeur of your home’s entrance.

Needing more inspiration? Try these design tips to maximise this style such as focusing on darker colours and opting for contemporary front door designs, such as double doors or long steel handles.

Textured layers

Another facade idea to get the most out of your house is to consider using textured layers.

Using multiple materials can give your home an advantage, whether you want it to stand out from the rest or blend into the natural environment.

While you may have been limited to brick or render in the past, with OMNI Built Homes you can consider weatherboard look cladding, timber panelling, decorative battens or cultured stone as feature walls or pillars.

If you live close to the bush or are hoping to have a large green space in your front and backyard, using textured layers is a wonderful way to sink into your environment.

The Hayman design on the Ascot 24 for example features aluminum slats, glass balustrade, profiled cladding, render and brickwork, all of which work seamlessly in offsetting any Australian landscape.

Salisbury Modern house facade

MORNINGTON 31 - AMITY Modern house facade

An Australian classic

One idea which will never go out of fashion is the Australian-inspired facade, a classic that may be exactly what you’re searching for.

This style seems to carry with it some inbuilt childhood nostalgia.

Riding your bike as a child through your street and creating fond memories of visiting other homes in this quintessential Australian style.

Not to be confused with outdated notions, these OMNI Built Homes are classic, modest and timeless.

When it comes to this style consider brick finishes in earthy tones, Colorbond, roof tiles in dark colours and classic wooden doors that open to the entryway of your paradise.

With the help of our team, we can adjust the design of our facade to suit your tastes, and with many facade designs to choose from like Ashmore, Briar or Cashmere, you will find a look that will suit your needs for decades to come.

Balcony Bliss

If you always seem to slow down to look at amazing homes with balconies, make sure you consider this when choosing your home’s facade.

While it may not be front of mind in your build, there is nothing worse than creating a gorgeous balcony that you can’t use due to a poorly designed facade.

Firstly make sure you consider the placement of your block of land.

If your home is located in view of prying eyes, why not consider using slats as both a design feature but also as privacy screening?

Or use shapes with thick columns to create a “third room” as seen in the Qube design on Ascot 32.

Alternatively, if you are building on a block that will give your home a view of a wonderful parkland, river or ocean, make sure you capitalise on the outlook with glass balustrade and smaller pillars.

This way, you can while away the hours on your contemporary balcony, making the most of every inch of your new home.

HAYMAN Render of a modern house facade

The next step?

Now that you have some ideas percolating make sure you reach out to our friendly team.

With individualised client service, we can’t wait to take your ideas from dream to reality in your contemporary new home.

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