7 Stunning Ideas for Your Exterior House Colours

You know what they say. First impressions are everything. Your exterior colours can completely change the look and feel of your home, but the choice you make is about more than just expressing your personal style. It can also affect the value of your property when it comes time to sell.

Choosing your exterior colours may sound like a daunting commitment, but luckily for you, in this post we’ve put together some of our favourite ideas that would suit just about anyone. So stick around and keep reading for a handful of exterior colour palettes we here at Omni Built Homes highly recommend.


When we venture into the world of exterior house colours, it’s about more than what looks good in our mind’s eye. The environment surrounding our homes also plays a pivotal role in shaping our choices. For instance, urban settings often inspire us to opt for a palette that melds with the contemporary vibes of cityscapes. On the other hand, rural environments whisper warmer, earthier tones, ensuring a harmonious blend with nature.

Are you located in a coastal or inland region? The answer can drastically change which exterior paint colours you decide to go with. While coastal homes might lean towards cooler shades, reminiscent of the breezy ocean, an inland abode could urge us to embrace warm greys and deep neutrals.

But beyond the art of aesthetics lies science. Did you know that our chosen house colour schemes can influence a home’s temperature? Dark charcoal, for instance, absorbs more heat, making it a choice to be wary of in perpetually sunny locales. On the brighter side, warmer tones can play a role in energy efficiency by reflecting sunlight.

Before painting your new home construction, we recommend trying before buying. Paint swatches of your potential colour choices onto a sample board and see how the sunlight interacts with your selection. For the more tech-savvy among us, various design software programs may also help provide a glimpse into how your home could appear with your preferred colour scheme. Both these options are excellent ways to confirm that you like and want your colour choices in your home before you spend time and money on implementing them.


Tonal Greys

Grey is so much more than just a middle ground between black and white. In the Australian architectural scene, a timeless grey palette is celebrated widely, and it’s easy to understand why. From the warm to the cool, from striking contrasts to subdued elegance, the versatility of grey is unparalleled. It’s a neutral hue, allowing homes to blend seamlessly with any neighbourhood.

But there’s more to grey than meets the eye. Ever considered how a shade can impact the perceived size of your home? Lighter greys can make a space appear expansive and airy, while deeper tones, although undeniably sophisticated, can make a facade feel slightly more compact. When selecting the perfect shade, consider the dimension and space you want to evoke.

Subtle Pastels

Pastels are often associated with fantasy realms, conjuring images of whimsical unicorns and dreamy clouds. But when it comes to your home’s exterior, soft pastel hues paired with light, natural shades can elevate a design to an art form. They soften the sharp edges of modern designs and imbue Victorian style homes with an additional layer of charm.

Beyond aesthetics, the choice of pastels speaks to a deeper psychological desire for tranquillity. These colours exude a calm, serene ambience, transforming your house into a peaceful sanctuary that is sure to put you and your family at ease the instant it comes into sight.

House exterior Colour Ideas - Subtle Pastels

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Just a Pop of Colour

Neutral palettes have a charm of their own, but sometimes, they call out for a dash of vibrancy. Using accent colours amidst neutrals is a brilliant strategy, granting homes an unmistakable personality. And here’s a fun fact: homes with unique pops of colour often find themselves in the limelight, gracing many a social media feed, especially those of trend-conscious millennials.

Now, the choice of the ‘pop’ colour isn’t random. Often, it reflects the homeowner’s personality. A fiery red might suggest a zest for life, while a cool turquoise could point to a calm demeanour. Each accent colour is a story, a subtle hint about the soul of the home and its inhabitants.

Home exterior Colour Ideas - Pop Colours, yellow front door.

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Clean Whites

Embracing an all-white exterior colour scheme isn’t for the hesitant. It’s bold. It’s pristine. It’s high-maintenance. Such a choice might instantly remind one of coastal landscapes, but the charm of clean whites isn’t limited to seaside residences. Picture an elegant Queenslander, bathed entirely in white, standing proud amidst the suburbs.

Interestingly, the allure of white homes isn’t just a regional phenomenon. Across the globe, from the Grecian isles with their iconic white and blue homes to select French country houses, white has often been a symbol of purity, peace, and sophistication. In essence, choosing white is not just a design decision; it’s a nod to a universal sentiment celebrated by cultures worldwide.


The monochromatic dance of black and white is nothing short of mesmerising. For those with a penchant for bold, contrasting shades, this palette can make a home command attention. But there’s a subtler side to monochrome that’s been gaining traction. Imagine neutral whites seamlessly blending with soft greys, punctuated by accents of deep charcoal. The result? A residence that radiates warmth, elegance, and an open invitation to step inside.

Now, the art lies in striking the right balance. When choosing shades, it’s essential to ensure your home exudes warmth and avoids feeling cold or standoffish. We recommend playing with different shades, perhaps introducing textures or patterns to break any monotony. For instance, if your primary roof colour is a deep charcoal, consider introducing other colours in the form of accessories or furnishings that lend a touch of warmth.

Modern Coastal

When we think coastal, visions of sea glass and brushed white wood often come to mind. And while they’re undoubtedly the icons of coastal charm, there’s a fresh wave on the horizon. A blend of cool whites, deep navy blues, and hints of icy blue offers a contemporary spin to the classic coastal look. Picture homes that echo the elegance of Hamptons or the timeless allure of Cape Cods, and you’re right on track.

But, as with all things design, it’s the finishing touches that truly elevate a look. When working with a coastal palette, consider accessorising with natural materials like driftwood, shells, or nautical-themed decor. These elements not only accentuate the theme but also bring a layer of authenticity and depth to the space, making it genuinely resonate with the coastal vibe.

Exterior Home Colour Ideas - Modern Coastal

Desert Hues

Drawing inspiration from nature, desert hues are a symphony of earthy tones. While one might expect these to be heavy and rich, we’re seeing a shift towards lighter, airier interpretations. Imagine a canvas of warm whites, the rustic charm of terracotta, and the sun-kissed glow of light yellows. Against a backdrop of greenery, this colour palette shines, offering a stunning contrast that’s both eye-catching and harmonious.

For those looking to truly encapsulate the desert vibe, the integration doesn’t stop at the paint. Landscaping plays a pivotal role. Incorporating plants native to arid regions, like cacti or succulents, can beautifully accentuate the desert theme. Additionally, choosing gravel or sand-coloured pathways and neutral tones for outdoor furnishings can tie the entire look together, creating a cohesive oasis reminiscent of nature’s vast deserts.


In the rapidly changing realm of design, it’s easy for us to get swept away by the latest trends in house exterior colour schemes. While the allure of “in” colours is undeniable, we must remember that our homes are a long-term commitment. Today’s trend could be tomorrow’s outdated choice.

To ensure your palette withstands the test of time, consider the architectural style of your dwelling. A Victorian-era home might beckon a different palette than a sleek modern house – and that’s perfectly alright! The timeless appeal lies in striking the perfect balance. Perhaps the primary shade remains a warm neutral, a colour that ages gracefully, while accent colours — perhaps on the window frames or doors — reflect the trend of the season. It allows you to stay caught up on the latest popular design elements without the risk of your home eventually feeling dated.

Remember, while trends come and go, our homes remain. Warm beige today, perhaps a warm grey tomorrow, but always in tune with our home’s character and our personal style. In our pursuit of the perfect palette, let’s ensure our choices resonate both with the now and the timeless.

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