Knockdown and Rebuild – Where do I start?

There are many reasons for embarking on a home demolition project. You may like where you are living, but your family has outgrown the house. Or your much loved home is looking tired and is in need of a serious makeover! We have prepared an overview of all the steps to knockdown and rebuild. Continue reading to learn more.

Knockdown and rebuilds can be more cost effective than a renovation. You also have the benefit of building a brand new modern home. Maybe the perfect block for you already has a house on it.

The single and most important decision you will make once you have decided to do a demolition is partnering with a builder who has successfully done it before. OMNI Built Homes is that builder!

Experience is Key

A knockdown rebuild project when done properly should not be a stressful time for an owner. The OMNI team have extensive experience in the domestic construction industry and it shows in the quality of our product. When it comes to steps to knockdown and rebuild, we will be with you from the beginning, sharing our knowledge and expertise to ensure you feel confident to entrust us to build your dream home.

OMNI can deliver your quality new home on schedule and at a competitive price.  So, how do we do it?

Planning is Critical

A sound demolition quote will address the following areas:

  • Obtaining the required Council Demolition Approval
  • Capping off and decommissioning of services (Water, Gas, Electricity, Sewer) prior to demolition
  • If your site contains contaminated materials such as asbestos, your contractor will also require relevant clearance certificates to ensure correct procedures are followed for safe removal and disposal.
  • There may also be trees on site where approval is necessary from Council before removal

Communication is Paramount

The team at OMNI understands that building a new home can be a confusing process. Add a demolition project to that and it can be information overload!

We make it our business to ensure you understand exactly what is going to happen and when so that you can trust in our process and not worry about what needs to happen next. We will manage the project and answer any questions you may have, big or small along the way. The more informed you are, the better your building experience will be.

Solid Supplier and Trade Relationships are Vital

OMNI takes pride in ensuring we deliver a great product. Knockdown and rebuilds require involvement from many suppliers and trades. We foster continuity and genuine trust in our business relationships to maintain a regular loyal and reliable trade base who deliver quality results every build, every time!

Ownership is Crucial

Building your dream home will be our project, but it will be your house.  Uppermost in our framework is an understanding that you truly want to be involved in the building experience. We encourage your input, ideas, concerns and questions from start to finish.

OMNI strives to foster a solid and genuine relationship with all our clients. We will keep you informed about what happens on site so that you can trust in the finished product we deliver - a beautiful and quality built OMNI Built Home to be proud of!

Would You Like to Learn More About the Steps to Knockdown and Rebuild?

Let’s Talk – We Come to You!

OMNI understand that spare time is hard to find these days and a knockdown rebuild project takes time to plan.

That’s why we offer obligation free in-home consultation and site investigation.  We will visit you at home, at work or even your favourite coffee shop to discuss your new home dreams. So, Let’s Collaborate, Let’s Create! Let OMNI Built Homes show you that a Knockdown Rebuild project can be a great experience! Give us a call today if you have any more questions about the steps to knockdown and rebuild.

Steps to knockdown and rebuild in Newport - before and afterSteps to Knockdown and Rebuild Newport - Before and After

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