Why Build A Custom Home?

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Why build a custom home with OMNI Built Homes? Your home reflects you and is an extension of your unique personality, which is why you’ll find peace knowing that everything in your home is exactly how you planned it! Read on below for reasons why some homeowners choose to build custom homes with OMNI and the benefits of building new versus buying an established home.

If you’re ready to speak to one of our experienced custom home builders, get in touch today online or give us a call on 07 3390 4214. Send your ideas or just say hello to sales@omnibuilthomes.com.au for a confidential, no-obligation chat. Or read on for more information on ‘why build a custom home.’

Benefits of Building A Custom Home

With OMNI Built Homes, the benefits of building a custom home don’t stop at the design; Building your own custom home puts you in the driver’s seat throughout the entire project. From tweaking an existing home plan to suit your needs or drafting up a unique design, a custom home gives you full creative license.

Place Trust in Your Builder

One of the benefits of building a custom home with OMNI is that we’re upfront with how we break-down our pricing and the expected build timeframe. We know how important it is to be informed and involved with the building process from start to finish, which is why we have such a strong focus on transparent communication with our clients.

Difficult Blocks

Custom homes are ideal for complex blocks of land that are difficult to build on, which gives you more options when it comes to choosing land in highly sought out areas.

Complete Design Control

Looking to add an extra bedroom? Maybe you want to create the perfect open plan living and dining room for entertaining all your closest friends and family? OMNI Built Homes gives you total control of how your home is created and constructed. Browse our range of existing designs based on your block size or number of rooms you want.

Budget Management

OMNI Built Homes have three levels of inclusions to suit your budget; OMNI Advantage (ideal for smaller blocks and budgets without compromising taste), OMNI Living (a touch of luxury and high quality inclusions), and OMNI Living Plus (premiere styling and top of the range accessories).

Less maintenance

Though older homes come with a great deal of charm, there are often a lot of maintenance costs involved with upgrades and renovations which can quickly become an ongoing issue. When you start from scratch with a new home, you have the luxury of less repair work, adding in energy efficient appliances and you avoid expensive renovation work – which almost always needs to be done for old kitchens and bathrooms.

Are Custom Homes Worth It?

When you create your own custom home, you have the unique opportunity to construct the space you’ve always wanted without sacrificing any of your plans. Instead of finding a house and making it yours, you can design your dream home that suits your exact specifications from the get-go.

Want to know more?

If you’re wondering ‘why build a custom home’, give us a call on 07 3390 4214 or send an email to sales@omnibuilthomes.com.au. Don’t wait, build your dream home with OMNI Built Homes today!

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